LÍF New course Graduate Level 6 ECTS
Period: Not being run in 2012 June 15-29

Dr. Bruce McAdams and Guest speakers

and Teaching material



Purpose and Contents
A general aim in marine management is to devise management strategies that are robust to uncertainties in our understanding of marine ecosystems. It is necessary, therefore, to have a means for testing management strategies under a range of different assumptions. This course aims to introduce a means for achieving this: Management Strategy Evaluations (MSE).
The course will describe how to implement a simple single species population model to serve as an operating model (OM). It will describe deficiencies in this type of OM and alternatives that are available, for example models with spatial structure, different stock structure, multi-species models and models driven by oceanography. The course will then describe how to couple the OM with a management strategy model in order to test whether the management strategy is effective. Emphasis will be placed on the fact that the management view of the ecosystem may differ substantially from the real (simulated) state of the OM.
The course will also discuss issues surrounding the use of this methodology in practice.

Course Prerequisites
The course is only open to graduate students. General computer and numeric literacy is required. Students must have some experience using a statistical computer system (e.g. Minitab, R, S-PLUS, SAS, Matlab, SPSS...). Ideally they should have completed an “Introduction to R” (or S-PLUS) course. Students should have some knowledge of marine ecosystems and management, for example from “Fisheries Ecology: Management and conservation of marine resources in a changing ocean”.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students should

Describe the need for management strategy evaluation (MSE)
Describe the structure of a MSE
Explain why the manager's understanding of a systems state is necessarily different from the actual state, and how a MSE deals with this uncertainty
Implement a simple Operating Model (OM)
Describe deficiencies with simple OMs and describe some alternative models available to deal with these
Implement a simple management strategy
Link OM and management strategy to form a complete MSE
Discuss the use of MSE in practice





Marine Education in Iceland, University of Iceland, Askja Sturlugata 7, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland