The University of Iceland does not charge tuition. However, a registration fee is charged to all students regardless of whether they take one course or many courses. The registration fee is 7500 Icelandic kronas (ISK) for students coming from the Nordic countries and 15500 ISK for all other students. An additional fieldwork/workshop fee of 45000 ISK will also apply for the Fisheries Ecology course.

Students pay the registration fee after they receive a letter of admission, and the fieldwork fee on their arrival at the University. Details on how to make payments will be provided at the time of admission.

Students are also required to pay for their own room and board while attending classes in Iceland. The University of Iceland will be able to assist students in securing reasonably-priced, self catering, accommodation for the duration of their stay.

Please contact us at if you require assistance or would like additional information


Askja, the Natural Science Building at University of Iceland



Marine Education in Iceland, University of Iceland, Askja Sturlugata 7, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland