The second year of the intensive Fisheries Ecology course was a great success !!

The 2010 FishEco Class

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A total of 18 students from Iceland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Portugal, the United States, Peru, and Uganda participated in the Fish Ecology course, which included a whirlwind tour of Icelandic beaches to sample young-of-year plaice and a charter boat fishing trip in Faxaflói

Formal lectures, practical labs, paper discussion groups, and field
exercises were conducted nearly every day mixed with barbecues, picnics trips to the Blue Lagoon, free time to explore Iceland, and other social activities.

Dr. Steven Campana visited again this year from the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Nova Scotia, Canada and conducted a 3-day otolith preparation and microstructure analysis lab.

Dr. Campana also lectured on the effects of climate change and fisheries on the growth and age structure of fishes as well as expected changes in the migratory strategies of fishes due to changes in global climate.

Dr. David Conover visited from SUNY Stony Brook in USA and conducted lectures on the life history strategy theory and fishing as an evolutionary force.




Thank you very much for such a nice academic experience. I really enjoyed the course, the city, the country and everything.
I returned to Puerto Rico with the feeling that finally I have a better idea about fisheries, climate change and conservation and I am sure it will help me to improve my thesis research.

Ximena Velez-Zuazo (Puerto Rico)

I have very fond memories of our course with you on Iceland and enjoy looking at the pictures from our trips and classes.

For me it showed that, even though I am more focusing on physical
oceanography, the topics we covered in the Fisheries Ecology course are worth gold now in my Master's project that involves larval plaice growth and physiology... =)

Jonas Blüthgen (Denmark)

It really was such a great opportunity to meet researchers and students from all over the world, and to get their insights on the state of fisheries in the context of global climate change. And, of course - Iceland is SOOO beautiful!

Holly Rolls (USA)

Thank you for the hospitality and great course. Best wishes from The Netherlands.

Jurgen Batsleer (Netherlands)

Thank you for a very nice course this past summer!

Madeleine Holm (Germany)


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Collecting data

Estimating metabolic rates

Student Accommodations at the White Mansion

Beach Sampling

Identifying the catch

On the way to the Northern Beach




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